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The ABCs Of Preparing For Winter Roadway Emergencies

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With the snow and cold of winter starting to edge its way into parts of the country, it is definitely time to start thinking about winter preparedness as a driver. Even if your vehicle is perfectly reliable, you never know when a winter storm can leave you stranded and waiting on an auto towing service to come and help you out. A 2,000-mile-wide winter storm left some drivers in Kentucky stranded for as long as 24 hours waiting for help to arrive. If you want to make sure that you and your family would be safe if you were to get stuck in the cold in your car, there is a simple ABC rule set to keep in mind.

Always pack a winter survival kit and keep it in your car

Early in the winter season, create a winter survival kit to keep in your vehicle. This should have warm blankets, water, flashlights and batteries, a battery-operated radio, protein-rich snacks, and a first-aid kit. If you or someone who frequently travels with you takes daily medications, pack up a day's supply and add this to your winter-car kit as well. If you do have to wait for a tow truck for a little while, the idea is that you will be prepared to stay safe.

Be alert to changes in weather conditions

When you are traveling in the winter, roadway conditions can completely change in a matter of minutes. Stay tuned in to the local radio stations, keep an eye on the weather, and stay alert to sudden changes in precipitation. If you see ice and snow start to fall, it is a good idea to change your route, and try to make your way to somewhere where you can be off the roadway.

Call ahead to let people know you are on your way when roads are bad

If you must travel when the roads are in bad condition, or perhaps could become that way quickly, call ahead and let someone know where you are going that you are on your way. If something happens and you do get stranded without access to a working phone or if you are in an accident, your contact will know that something is up so they can have someone try to find you.

You may not be able to do anything at all about what the winter weather is going to throw your way as a driver, but you can get prepared and know how to sty as safe as possible. Talk to an auto towing service like Michael's Towing & Recovery Service for more information about staying safe on winter roadways.