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What to Do When You Need Urgent Accident Towing

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A road accident is one of those dreadful outcomes you never want to think about. However, being prepared for the worst may be the only thing that will keep the situation from deteriorating further. If you've ever been stuck on a busy road or highway after an engine failure or accident, you'll know the anxiety that comes with not knowing how to get out of there. The traffic may be piling up behind you, adding to your stress.

In such a scenario, it will be tempting to look to the first tow truck to arrive on-site as a solution sent from above. However, there are a few reasons you may want to refrain this instinct and take matters into your own hands instead.

You'll Need To Communicate With Your Insurer

Car accidents are often the result of a driver being distracted (most of the time, by a mobile phone), or otherwise preoccupied. If an accident occurs while you're rushing to work, your child's school or the hospital, the need to get out of there and have your car safely carried away will be overwhelming. However, you'll need to check with your insurer if they'll cover towing services.

In case your insurance does cover accident towing, your insurer may be able to organize a service for you. They're likely to have a contracted service of their own already and will be able to provide you this service at a discounted rate if you don't have full coverage. Since you'll need to contact your insurer about the accident to figure out repair payments, informing them soon as the accident occurs is both reasonable and due diligence.

You'll Need to Know What You're Signing

The towing services that make it the quickest to accident scenes usually operate using blank or partial towing authority form. Though they prioritize speed and efficiency, this often means that the documents you'll sign will not have been personalized. Signing a document without the specified address your vehicle will be delivered to can pose the risk of your car being delivered at the wrong location.

You'll also want to read the fine print of the documentation, no matter how eager you're to get the whole ordeal over with. The fine print may comport additional fees, or place the choice of vehicle delivery location at your tower's discretion. If your current documentation doesn't allow you to write down your desired address, request a replacement.

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