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The Wheel-Lift Truck Vs. The Flatbed Truck

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The first type of tow truck on the market was the hook-and-boom truck. You can still find and recognize one by the boom connected to a winch and cable. The boom gives the winch the leverage it needs to lift the drive wheels of the vehicles to be towed off of the ground. The problem with the boom lift truck is that it takes time to operate it, and it can damage the vehicle to be towed. Newer tow truck models, such as the wheel-lift truck and the flatbed truck, prove more effective. 

An Analysis of the Wheel-Lift Truck

A wheel-lift truck features a hydraulic boom with two cross bars at the end. To operate the vehicle, you slip the cross bars under the drive wheels of the vehicle you plan to tow, lift the boom, and off you go. The benefits of the wheel-lift truck are that it can take no more than a couple of minutes to get the car ready to tow, and it can fit into tight spaces. Thus, a wheel-lift truck is popular with repossession agents who need to get a car quickly. The downside of a wheel-lift truck is that it doesn't work well with all-wheel drive vehicles. 

An Analysis of a Flatbed Truck

A flatbed truck features a bed that is connected to a hydraulic lift. The lift can lower the back end of the truck until it reaches the ground. You then connect a winch to the frame of the car and pull it up onto the bed. Because the entire vehicle is lifted off the ground, you don't have to worry about vehicle damage. You can also tow all-wheel drive vehicles without worrying about damage to your drivetrain. The problem with a flatbed truck is that it doesn't fit into tight spaces, and it can take a while to get a vehicle up onto the towing bed of the truck. 

If you have need of a towing truck, you need to know what kind of jobs you will likely have. If you have a repo company, you are probably better off to start with the wheel-lift truck. If you are trying to open a towing company, you should have both models in your fleet so you have the ability to handle any kind of job that comes your way. The right equipment will make all of the difference in building a successful company. 

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