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What Should I Do With My Old Vehicle?

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If you have an older vehicle in your possession that you are no longer going to keep on the road, you may wonder how to get it off of your property. There are several ways to get rid of an old clunker. Here are some methods you can use in getting an old vehicle removed from your property.

Make A Private Sale

Even if your vehicle is not in the best of condition, it might sell for parts. Let people know that you have a parts vehicle for sale and ask them to spread the word. You can join forums or clubs online for the specific model and post your sale for others who have the same vehicle. Another way to get the word out is to post the vehicle on an online auction. You never know who may be looking for that specific model for a collection or to repair another vehicle.

Donate The Vehicle

Consider donating your vehicle to a charity. Several larger charities have programs in place where you can fill out a form online donating your vehicle to them. They will send a tow truck to your home to pick up the vehicle and take it to a local recycling center to be cashed in for scrap metal. The money would then go to the charity that you have chosen.

In some instances, if the vehicle runs, the charity will sell the vehicle on their own in exchange for money to use for their cause. The charity will give you a form to send in with your income taxes to prove that you have made a donation, saving you some money at tax time.

Scrap The Vehicle Yourself

Auto recycling centers like Jeff's Towing will give you cash for your old vehicles. While they will often pick up the car for you, you may need to call a towing company to haul your vehicle to a recycling center. Use some of the profit to pay the tow truck driver and enjoy the rest of the money you obtain from the exchange.

Give The Vehicle To Someone In Need

If your vehicle runs, ask around to see if there is someone in need of a vehicle in your town. You may be able to help out someone going through a tough time, simply by giving them a set of wheels to use to get to a job or to school. Ask churches, food pantries, or thrift stores if they know of a family or individual who could use the help of a running vehicle. You will feel good about helping out someone, while getting rid of the vehicle in the process.

Try Special Programs

Ask local schools if they would be interested in using your old vehicle to be used to train students in mechanic courses. They may actually be able to repair some of the things you did not have money or time to do, making it salvageable for someone as a result. If the vehicle is in bad shape, ask local fire departments if they would like to use it to train firefighters in car fire safety. Fire departments will often hold events where they set a vehicle on fire to help teach new firefighters the proper way to put it out.