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About The Safety Of Hauling Business Vehicles Through A Towing Company

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Are you relocating your business to a different city and need your vehicles hauled? You can hire a towing company to transport multiple vehicles without any of them getting damaged in the process.  In this article, learn what you should know about the safety of oversize hauling through a towing company for your vehicles.

What Makes Hauling Vehicles Through a Towing Company Safe?

When a towing company hauls away your vehicles, they will be placed on a flatbed truck to keep them safe. None of the vehicles will touch the ground as they are being transported, which means the lower area of the vehicles will not risk getting damaged. For instance, you won't have to worry about the rubber on tires being dragged across the street. The muffler and transmission on the vehicles will also be safe. All it takes is driving on a rough road for vehicle damage during towing without the use of a flatbed truck.

Loading each of your vehicles on a flatbed tow truck is also done in a safe manner. The tow truck driver will park each vehicle in front of the ramp of the tow truck and back up so the front tires can sit on the ramp. The front tires will then be secured inside brackets on the ramp before being lifted onto the flatbed. Your vehicles will not roll off of the tow truck due to the tires being secured with pins. The steel pins will actually prevent the tires from rotating while on the flatbed.

Is There Financial Security for the Vehicles in the Event of an Accident?

If you have business insurance, it is possible that your own policy will allow you to get paid if your vehicles are damaged in an accident. However, it is likely that the tow truck company will also have insurance coverage if you hire a reputable company. In the event of an accident, the towing company will give you money to repair or replace your damaged vehicles. The exact amount of money compensated will depend on what is written in your contract with the towing company.

Towing each of your business vehicles on your own can be time consuming, especially when transporting them over a long distance. You can get all of your vehicles transported at once so they can be at the new location and ready for use in no time. Get in touch with a towing company like Gallup Oversize Pilot Service that can provide the service of oversize hauling.