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Important Safety Checks to Make before Towing a Trailer with a Semi

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If you are a semi driver who frequently tows a trailer out on the open road, you have many responsibilities. Not only must you think of your own safety, but also the safety of your fellow drivers who will be sharing the road with you. A motor vehicle accident can occur within a moment's notice. It can be especially dangerous when a vehicle as large as a semi is involved. These are some important safety checks to make before you start out on the road towing a trailer that will help ensure you have safe traveling.

Walk-Around Inspection 

You will first need to do a complete walk around inspection of your semi and the trailer it is towing. Check to make sure there are no gas, oil or other fluid leaks visible. Also look closely at your lights and wiring to ensure there are no cracked lenses or broken wires. 

Look closely at the hitch that connects the trailer to the semi. Make sure that it is attached correctly and all bolts or levers are tightened properly. Make sure the safety chains are connected properly and are not twisted or rusty.

Under the Hood

Check under the hood to make sure you have the correct water and oil levels. Look closely for any visible leaks that may have dripped or sprayed out onto the motor or radiator. Also check to see if you have plenty of wiper fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.

Checking the Tires 

Check the tire pressure for all tires on the semi and the trailer. Make sure that each tire gauges at the right amount of pressure for the load you are pulling. Look closely at your tires to ensure that each has plenty of tread and is in excellent driving condition. Check that all lug nuts are tightened properly.

Inside the Cab 

Check all gauges on your dash to see if they are reading correctly. Flip on the lights, flashers, windshield wipers, and test the horn to ensure all are working properly. Make sure your steering wheel turns to both sides as it should. Start your motor and let it idle for a few minutes. Be sure to check your gears and brakes before leaving out on the road.

Taking the extra time to inspect your semi and trailer before you begin traveling may help you avoid a break down or an accident. This gives you the time to locate potential problems that may unexpectedly occur while you are driving. For assistance, talk to a professional like Glen's Towing & Road Service.