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Don't Get Stuck While Driving In The Snow

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Driving through harsh weather conditions like snow is challenging, but not impossible. You can safely arrive at your destination without getting stuck or getting into an accident. However, this does require a certain level of skill and practice. If you are overlooking this factor, being stranded on the side of the road is likely a scenario you will find yourself in. Make sure you don't get stuck this winter.

Slow And Steady Movements

Avoid accelerating and decelerating too quickly. Instead, keep your movements slow and steady. When you drive in this manner, you give your tires more time to regain traction, which can ultimately keep you from skidding off the side of the road. This factor is especially important when traveling up a snow covered hill.

Brake Control

It doesn't matter if you have anti-lock brakes or not, threshold braking is the best method in snowy conditions. This form or braking involves keeping the heel of your foot firmly planted just below the base of the pedal. You can then use the ball of your foot to apply a steady amount of firm pressure to the brake, giving you greater control.

Following Distance

In normal driving conditions, there should be at least three seconds of space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. In a nutshell, this means that it should take at least three seconds for you to reach the rear of the car you're following. During adverse weather conditions, this distance should be increased to somewhere between six and nine seconds.

Proper Tires

Make sure you are equipping your vehicle with tires efficient at navigating snow. All-weather, performance, and low profile tires should be replaced with snow tires during the snow season. Snow tires are designed with large grooves in them that help give you greater grip on the road. If you don't have them installed, it's harder to get the traction you need to keep moving safely.

Safety First

Always keep safety in mind. In the event you do get stuck, never try to exit your vehicle without first assessing your surroundings. If you are in the middle of the road or in an otherwise dangerous location, turn on your hazards and wait for help to arrive. As an added safety precaution, make sure you have the contact information of an auto towing company already saved in your phone. Having the ability to immediately call someone keeps you from wasting time searching for a telephone number.

Make sure you are navigating through the snow correctly, but in the event of a problem, don't hesitate to contact a tow professional.