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Getting Your Junked or Wrecked Vehicle Towed to a Salvage Yard

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A wrecked or junked car can be more of a financial drain than an asset. Even if you cannot drive it anymore, you still must pay the insurance and annual taxes on it. Even more, you cannot leave it parked in your driveway without current tags on it.

Instead of paying out money for a car that you cannot drive and is of no use to you, you can have it taken to a business that will take or buy it from you. You can liquidate your junked or wrecked vehicle quickly by having it towed to a local salvage yard.

No Repair Requirements

The owner of a salvage yard may be more interested in how much scrap metal or how many parts that he or she can get out of your useless vehicle. In fact, this person may have no plans to turn around and sell your car to someone else. He or she may plan to strip it for parts and then sell the body for scrap metal.

With that, the owner of the salvage yard may not require that you make any kind of repairs or upgrades to your vehicle before you have it towed to his or her business. You can have it towed in the condition that it is in right now and avoid having to put any kind of money into it for repairs.

Easy Process

Further, the typical salvage yard makes it relatively easy to get rid of a car that you no longer want or can drive. Many of these businesses simply require you to sign over the title to the vehicle. Once you sign the title over to the salvage yard owner, you are no longer responsible for the vehicle or anything wrong with it.

You also no longer have to pay for insurance on the vehicle. The salvage yard owner will also file the change of title with the county so you no longer get bills for its yearly taxes. 

Finally, it is common for a salvage yard to offer cash for the scrap metal value of cars that it buys. Depending on the day's going rate for scrap metal, you could get a fair amount of cash out of your wrecked or junked car.

 In conclusion, a salvage yard accepts unwanted vehicles from customers. It does not require you to make any repairs and can pay you cash for it.