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What Factors Do Towing Companies Consider While Setting Rates?

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If you need to hire a tow truck to transport your wrecked, malfunctioning, or new car, you will probably need to know how much you'll pay for the service. Generally, the service rates vary from one towing company to another, but there are fundamental factors the professionals consider to determine the costs. 

These factors reduce or increase the price of roadside assistance and towing, so understanding them can help you decide whether you need to increase the budget. Some of these factors are outlined below.

Vehicle Size

One of the critical factors towing companies consider before providing a quotation is the size of the vehicle. Usually, towing companies offer heavy, medium, and light-duty towing services, so the rates for each of these services will vary. 

So, if you tow a large vehicle that cannot fit in the conventional truck, you will have to pay more. Such a vehicle will require more effort, precision, and expertise than a light car; hence, the reason why you have to pay more. Besides, it will require a bigger truck, unlike a standard car.


Generally, towing companies operate 24/7 to ensure their customers get the essential service in their time of need. But the rates customers will pay to acquire the same service during the day will vary with night-time charges. This is because working at night is more complex, and there are higher risks, but that doesn't mean they cannot work efficiently. 

Also, you may need to pay more during holidays because the service demand is high. But, regardless of the time, you can always ask the service provider to give a discounted rate.

Condition of the Vehicle

The towing team will also consider the state of your vehicle while setting the rate. For instance, if the car is involved in an accident, it may need special machinery to handle it carefully. In a case where you have a flat tire, a flatbed truck will be required to get the job done, which will cost you more. Likewise, the towing team will have to use automatic axles and winching machines to remove the car from the trench or ditch, which will increase the service rates.

Also, towing a new or exotic vehicle will require specialized trucks and experienced drivers. Since these vehicles require a lot of care, towing them will be challenging. This means that you will pay a higher rate compared to moving a regular vehicle. The longer the distance covered, the more the price.

To learn more, contact a professional towing service in your area.